Unattended Children Policy

The Superior Public Library is dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment for customers of all ages.  Sharing this environment with others requires that everyone act in a respectful manner towards staff and other patrons and that everyone follow library policies.

The Superior Public Library encourages children to use its facilities and services.  However, when children are left alone they may become frightened or anxious.  If they wander through the building they may encounter hazards such as doors, furniture or electrical equipment.  They may also become bored and restless and could disturb the enjoyment and work of others.

The safety of children left alone in the library is of serious concern to the library staff.  The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the library rests solely with the parent or guardian/caregiver and not with library personnel.  Library employees cannot be responsible for children who are unattended or demonstrating inappropriate behavior.

Children age 6 and under must be with a parent/guardian/caregiver at all times.

Children Age 8 and Under

Children age 8 and under must be in sight of and supervised by a parent/guardian/caregiver.  The assigned caregiver, if other than a parent, must be an adult and must carry emergency contact information.

If a child in this age group is found unattended, library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver in the library and inform him/her of the rules.  If the parent/caregiver cannot be found, if the child is found unattended again, or if the library is closing, the police will be called for assistance.

Children Age 9 and Older

Children age 9 and older may use the library without supervision outside of school hours.  However, parents are still responsible for the actions and the well-being of their child(ren).  Children who are home schooled, e-schooled, or otherwise using the library during regular school hours must provide staff with a document or letter confirming their school status.

Children using inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the library.  Please refer to Policy on Disruptive Behavior of Minors.

All children should have the telephone number of someone who can assist them in an emergency.  This is of particular concern in inclement weather and after dark.

Children who do not have transportation home at closing time will be asked for telephone numbers of people who can pick them up at the library.  Again, if parents/guardians cannot be contacted, the police will be contacted for assistance.


Teenagers will be treated as adult patrons, however, they are still legally the responsibility of their parents and should have an emergency contact available.

Adopted by the Library Board 06/27/12