Safety & Security Policy and Patron Code of Conduct

Superior Public Library Safety and Security Policy & Patron Code of Conduct


The purpose of this policy is to maintain a safe, welcoming, and secure environment for all Superior Public
Library users and staff, as well as ensure equitable access to materials and services for all library users in
accordance with the library’s Patron Code of Conduct Policy.


1. Overview

The library welcomes all and is dedicated to free and equal access to information. The library is in a
unique position to educate and serve as a gathering place for the community.

In order to facilitate an environment conducive to the library’s mission, patrons shall be engaged in
activities typically associated with the use of a public library while in the building. No individual may
engage in inappropriate conduct on library premises. Inappropriate conduct includes any individual or
group activity which is unreasonably disturbing to other individuals lawfully using library facilities,
materials, equipment and/or premises or is otherwise inconsistent with activities such as reading,
studying, properly using library materials and other similar conduct typically associated with a public

When possible, staff will first educate individuals about the applicable policies before taking stronger
measures to enforce those policies. In situations where library staff members feel that the health, safety
or security of library users or staff members are threatened, they may take any and all appropriate
action including, but not limited to, calling the police for assistance.

2. Monitoring

Library staff will monitor public behavior using staff and security equipment, subject to provisions of
Wis. Stat. § 43.30 and the library’s Privacy Policy. The library reserves the right to inspect bags,
briefcases, backpacks or other personal items.

3. Enforcement

Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of all library staff. All staff members are expected to
address any inappropriate behavior they encounter. Supervisors are expected to have a greater
awareness of this policy and exhibit a willingness to step in and serve as a resource in helping other staff
deal with problems.

4. Responses to inappropriate behavior

a. Using Judgement: Staff members who have acted with reasonable judgment in addressing
violations of library policies and any other law, rule or regulation will be supported by their
supervisor and the administration.

b. Verbal Warnings and Education: Any Behavior that is disruptive to library use is not allowed. It is
expected that staff will offer a verbal warning and educate patrons as to the correct behavior.

c. Contacting Police: Staff members may contact the Superior Police Department at any time to
preserve their own safety, the safety of the public, and to request assistance in enforcing this policy
and preserving the library environment as defined by the policies adopted by the Library Board.

Proper Staff responses to prohibited behavior:

• Advise the patron that their conduct is prohibited and request that they stop the behavior or they
will be asked to leave the library.

• If the patron does not comply, a library manager shall ask them to leave the library. (If the patron isa young child, staff shall refer to the library’s Policy on Disruptive Behavior of Minors.)

• If a library manager is not available, any staff member is authorized to ask a patron to leave.

• If the patron refuses to leave the library, any staff member shall request assistance of the Superior
Police Department.

• If the behavior of a patron threatens the safety of other library patrons, staff, or property, or the
patron is breaking a law, the Superior Police Department shall be called immediately.

• The acting staff member shall fill out an incident report for the library director.

Patron Code of Conduct

Any behavior that is disruptive to library use is not allowed.

Examples of prohibited behavior while in the library or on library grounds include (but are not limited to):

• Destroying, damaging, altering, or defacing library materials, furnishings, equipment, or any part of the facility or

• Removing materials from the library without first properly checking them out.

• Leaving young children or vulnerable adults unattended or unsupervised.

• Annoying, harassing, or threatening another person.

• Behaving in a disorderly, loud, or disruptive manner.

• A pattern of sleeping in the library or bringing in excessive belongings.

• Leaving belongings unattended.

• Consuming alcoholic beverages or using drugs on library property.

• Having open beverages of any kind or eating food inside the library. (Contained beverage containers are

• Bringing animals inside the library or leaving them unattended on library property. (Exceptions to this are
Service animals, the animals owned and cared for by the Youth Services staff, and animals that are part of a
library-sponsored or endorsed program.)

• Skateboarding, rollerblading or bicycle riding. Skateboards, scooters or bicycles in the library.

• Smoking within 50 feet of the library entrance. The vaping of e-cigarettes shall be subject to the same rules as
smoking tobacco cigarettes.

• Loitering and/or pan-handling.

• Carrying a weapon of any type unless authorized by law.

• Poor personal hygiene, strong smells, or actions or behaviors that constitute a nuisance or a health, safety, or
sanitary risk to others.

• For safety and hygiene reasons, all patrons must wear shoes and appropriate clothing.

• Any other conduct that could reasonably be judged as inappropriate in a public place.

Consequences of repeat offenses or major behavioral problems:

• The library director, after consultation with the library staff on duty at the time of an incident, may decide to
ban the offending patron from the library for a period of time.

• The banning will be for a period of one day to one year, depending on the nature and the seriousness of the

• The offending patron (if they can be reached) and all staff shall be notified in writing of the reasons for the
banning and the dates covered by the banning. A copy will also be sent to the police and the Library Board
President. Banned patrons will be charged with trespassing by the police if they return to the library.

Adopted by the Library Board 9/13/23