Internet Policy

To access a library Internet computer a person must use his or her own library card number.  A  free 3-day guest pass is available to use the internet for patrons without a library card.

The library has free wireless Internet access. There is no password. At this time there is no printing available from the wireless network.

Just as cardholders with fines or fees on their card are blocked from checking out library materials, they will also be blocked from using the library internet computers.

Each individual is limited to 4 hours per day of Internet access with a one hour limit if others are waiting. 

The library’s computers are set up for use by a single individual. Permission for additional people to use a single computer must be authorized by library staff on a case-by-case basis.

Internet use is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  If all the computers are in use, sign up for the next available computer at the reservation station near the adult computers.    Computers in the adult computer area are for people age 18 and older.  Computers in the YA area are for people age 13-17.  Computers in the Children’s Room are for people under the age of 13.

Persons who wish to print will be charged 15 cents per page.  All computers are networked to a black and white laser printer located on the back counter.  You will need to use the print release station and the coin-op to pre-pay.

Persons may not install their own software programs on the workstations, nor run their own software products.  Persons may not use a personal laptop computer or mobile computer device on the local area network.

Be sure to log off completely when you are finished with your session.  The internet is not a secure environment.  Log out of sites and clear out your history before you log off. Customers handling financial transactions or other activities that require confidentiality do so at their own risk. Upon logout, the computer will delete any files saved to the computer.

Activities prohibited under this policy include but are not limited to:

Violation of any federal or state law or legislation.

  • False representation of another user.
  • Copyright infringement.
  • Acts of a threatening, harassing, or obscene nature.
  • Displaying or printing images that may create an intimidating or hostile environment for other library users or staff.
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics that may reasonably be regarded as obscene, harmful to minors or illegal.
  • Unreasonable noise or disorderly conduct.
  • Tampering with computer hardware.
  • Attempting to violate system security.
  • Abuse of equipment.
  • Installing software or running programs that have not been installed by the library.

This policy applies to both the library’s computers and any devices you connect to the wireless network. We expect people to use good judgment concerning their activities and what is displayed on the screen.  The intent is to allow as much access to information as possible, while respecting the right of everyone to enjoy his or her visit to the library.  By using the library’s network, the computer user agrees to comply with the policies contained here.

Violations: For the most part, the library staff is confident that these policies will serve as sufficient guidelines for most people.  It is not within the policy for staff to specifically monitor the use of the library’s computers.  However, when a patron is viewing images which others find offensive they will be reminded of the library’s public setting and asked to consider the needs of others.  The patron will be directed to discontinue these activities.  Failure to comply with these policies will result in revocations of computer privileges.  In the most extreme circumstances, patrons violating these policies may be required to leave the library and may be banned from the library for a period of time as determined by the library director.  Banned patrons will be charged with trespassing by the police if they return to the library.
Assistance and training: Library staff is not able to provide in-depth training on the use of the computers and programs.  Staff will, however, provide some informal assistance (typically five minutes) to individuals.

Children’s Room Computers

Parents are encouraged to work closely with their children to select material that is in keeping with their value system.  Parents may find some of the material on the Internet inappropriate for their children.  The Library has books and other materials that will help parents use the Internet with their children.  As with all other library materials, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. If you do not wish to allow your child any access to the internet, let staff know so they can block your child’s card from being able to log on to the internet.

Approved by the Library Board 6/11/03

Last Amended by the Library Board 02/13/19