Check out a Memory Kit from Superior Public Library!

What is a memory kit?

Memory kits are made to help individuals with dementia or other cognitive impairments reminisce and create discussions with loved ones. Memory kits incorporate the senses and come in several different themes. These themed kits include a variety of hands-on activities to help promote mental and emotional stimulation. The goal of the kits is to obtain any sort of response. It’s important to validate the individual no matter what their reaction is.

What is in a memory kit?

Memory kits include activities for the individual surrounding the theme checked out. Activities will vary depending on topic but will center around the senses. They also include an informational sheet, which gives more detail about the kit itself, how to enhance the kit, and discussion questions.

How does it work?

The memory kit can be checked out for 3 weeks. They can be renewed twice if there are no holds on the kits. Once checked out, individuals may use the items in the box to create discussion and reminiscence of the topic picked out. Talk to our staff if you have questions, want to place a hold, or would like to check a kit out!

What kinds of memory kits are available for checkout from Superior Public Library?

These Memory Kids are available to check out from other libraries:

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A big thank you to the Douglas County ADRC for making these kits possible!