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Frankly in Love by David Yoon (Young Adult Fiction)

"Frank Li is a Korean-American teenager caught between cultures. His parents are traditional and want him to 'date Korean,' but the heart wants what it wants and he finds himself wanting Brit (not Korean). To make his dating life easier, he hatches a plan with fellow Korean-American Joy who is also involved in an interracial relationship. They'll pretend to date each other in order to get their freedom, and their parents will be happy and none the wiser...if only things were that simple!" -- recommended by Kelly









Nevermoor: the trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend (Juvenile Fiction)

"Crow was born cursed to die on her 12th birthday, but when that day arrives she is saved by an eccentric magician who whisks her away to the land of Nevermoor. There she befriends giant talking cats, dragon-riders, and all manner of magical beings. But she must also compete in mysterious trials, if she fails she is sure to be sent back home to face her doom." -- recommended by Sadie









Piranesi by Susanna Clarke (Adult Fiction)

"A most original fantasy. The protagonist is endearing and there is definitely mystery involved - a real page turner in the second half. I wanted to finish it, but I didn't want it to end.” -- recommended by Mary











Drawing the vote: an illustrated guide to voting in America by Tommy Jenkins  (Non-Fiction)

"Traces the history of voting in the United States and the struggles of women and African Americans to get a chance to exercise their right to vote. Done a graphic novel format this is a thought provoking look at the election process and the importance of the vote." -- recommended by Linda









My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier (Adult Fiction)

"In 1840s Cornwall, young Philip Ashley inherits a fortune from his uncle, who was recently married abroad and died under mysterious circumstances. Philip's pleasant life is disrupted by the sudden arrival of his uncle's beautiful widow, Rachel. Initially planning to send her on her way with a generous pension, he soon finds himself falling in love with her-- even as he begins to suspect that she murdered his uncle and may be plotting the same fate for him." -- recommended by Leslie









Luster by Raven Leilani (Adult Fiction)

A young black artist falls into an affair with a man in an open marriage before gradually befriending his wife and adopted daughter against a backdrop of dynamic racial politics.











Cloven by Garth Stein, illustrated by Matthew Southworth (Adult Graphic Novel)

A genetically modified organism who is half-man and half-goat tries to live a normal life as a university student in the Pacific Northwest, until his girlfriend discovers that he has hooves.









Strength Training for Seniors by Paige Waehner (Non-Fiction)

Building and retaining physical strength is integral to living a fuller, longer life. This book is a detailed twelve-week strength program to help you safely and gradually build power, balance, and resistance with simple, easy-to-follow exercises. 









The Nest (DVD)

A suspenseful Scottish drama about a wealthy couple who would do anything to have a baby. They recruit a down-on-her-luck 18-year-old to be a surrogate, but secrets emerge about the girl’s past that could make them regret their deal. 











Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May (Non-Fiction)

Wintering is a poignant and comforting meditation on the fallow periods of life, times when we must retreat to care for and repair ourselves. Katherine May thoughtfully shows us how to come through these times with the wisdom of knowing that, like the seasons, our winters and summers are the ebb and flow of life.









Bill & Ted Face the Music (DVD)

In this long-awaited sequel to “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey,” the ruler of the future tells best friends Bill and Ted they must compose a new song to save life as we know it. But instead of writing it, they decide to travel through time to steal it from their older selves. Meanwhile, their young daughters devise their own musical scheme to help their fathers bring harmony to the universe.










Give me Liberty and Give Me a Drink! : 65 cocktails to protest America's most outlandish alcohol laws by C. Jarrett Dieterle  (Non-Fiction)

With 65 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by 60 of the most laughable, head-scratchable Prohibition laws still in existence today, this is a cocktail book but it’s also a riotous look into the political underworld of the booze industry. Thanks to Prohibition, there are thousands of laws still on the books today that limit our ability to enjoy cocktails, not only at bars but even in our homes! In Wyoming, it is illegal to hold a wine-tasting in your own home. In places like New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, you can't buy alcohol on Christmas. $1 margaritas are illegal in New Mexico. This book is a revolution on the rocks, and the author playfully urges readers to resist these laws with a drink in hand. If you like your cocktails with a chaser of protest, this is the book for you.