We've got some BIG readers working at Superior Public Library! Are you looking for something great to read? Check out our latest Staff Picks and find your next favorite book! If you'd like to request any of the books listed below, click the title and you can request it directly from our library catalog!


The Answer Is . . .: Reflections on My Life by Alex Trebek

"Alex Trebek uses the format of his show Jeopardy to combine illuminating personal anecdotes with his thoughts on a range of topics, including happiness, grief, ambition, marriage, divorce, parenthood, curiosity, spirituality, and philanthropy. " -- Linda






In the Deep Deep Snow by Brian Freeman (audiobook)

"A deputy who was abandoned as a baby now searches for a missing boy. The narrator is great." Judy









Free Lunch by Rex Ogle

"Very well-written book about illustrator Rex Ogle's 1st semester of 6th grade. He experiences poverty, abuse, learning to accept other people's limitations. AND he makes a friend!" -- Sue H.





The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly

"In 1889 a girl's choices in life were very limited. When Calpurnia befriends her scientist grandfather, her world and her choices open up to her." -- Mary





New Tricks (DVD)

"This series is serious and funny, with a twist! The retired British "coppers" that are brought back to help solve cold cases are fabulous and the group is well cast. Maneuvering through technology, new since they were on the job, is sometimes hilarious. Once they start getting the hang of it, it can also be disheartening and cold." --- Robin






The Island House by Nancy Thayer

"Nantucket is a magical place that no one ever wants to leave. For Courtney, it has been her home away from home for the past 11 years. It is much different than being in Kansas. She has been staying with her college roommate's family on the island and has become one of them. This story captures the magic of families (blood and not blood), friendships, love and the intricacies of everyone living together in the same place. Through good times and bad, the story takes you on a wonderful journey that makes you want to keep reading." -- Jen T.




Return from Siberia by John Shallman

"In the lead-up to the Bolshevik Revolution, one young revolutionary is condemned to exile in Siberia; a hundred years later, his ancestors discover his story and learn just how much history has repeated itself . . . Return From Siberia is not just an ode to family, nor a love letter to freedom and democracy, but it is a story of the incredible endurance of an indomitable spirit. Across generations and oceans, the characters of Shallman’s true narrative are united by a shared sense of self and grounded in a great belief in the powers of family, courage, and love. Each of these aspects is fundamental to both the true American Dream and the immigrant experience. While the novel serves as an insightful glimpse into a turbulent historical period, it also serves as the perfect frame for issues as contemporary in the America of today, as they were in the Russia of yesterday.” Bookstr review



The Writer’s Library: the authors you love on the books that changed their lives, edited by Nancy Pearl and Jeff Schwager

"Twenty-three of today's living literary legends, including Donna Tartt, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Andrew Sean Greer, Laila Lalami, and Michael Chabon, reveal the books that made them think, brought them joy, and changed their lives in this intimate, moving, and insightful collection from "American's Librarian" Nancy Pearl and noted playwright Jeff Schwager that celebrates the power of literature and reading to connect us all." -- (from the publisher)





A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom by Brittany K. Barnett

"An urgent call to free those buried alive by America’s legal system, and an inspiring true story about unwavering belief in humanity—from a gifted young lawyer and important new voice in the movement to transform the system. Brittany’s riveting memoir is at once a coming-of-age story and a powerful evocation of what it takes to bring hope and justice to a system built to resist them both." -- from the publisher






Atomic Love by Jennie Fields

“Set in Chicago during the Red Scare of the early 1950s, Fields combines a paean to feminist empowerment with old-fashioned romance, both centered on a female scientist…A professional and romantic ending for Roz that is every woman’s wish fulfillment. Atmospheric, historically interesting escapism.” — Kirkus Reviews





The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett by Annie Lyons

"Wanting to organize an assisted death on her own terms, a world-weary octogenarian forges an unexpected bond with an exuberant 10-year-old who drags her to tea parties, shopping sprees and other social excursions. Heartwarming; Moving; engaging, thoughtful. 'A sensitive examination of human connections that can both damage and heal.'” -- Kirkus Reviews







Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

"Snarky narrator Lillian is charged with the care of her high school classmate’s two stepchildren who burst into flames when stressed. The relationship between Lillian and the children is sweet and overall this book was adorably quirky and funny. Offbeat, engaging, and funny." -- Leslie