Meeting Room Policy


  • Meetings must have a responsible adult present, who will also pay any fees due before entering the meeting room.
  • Purely social events like parties or purely commercial events where products, services or memberships are advertised, solicited, or sold are not allowed to use the meeting rooms.
  • Up to 24 meetings can be scheduled in advance during the current year with approval of library staff.  Additional meetings can be scheduled after that, one at a time, as space permits.  Library programs have priority.
  • If necessary, the library has the right to transfer individuals or a group to another meeting room in the library.
  • The meeting rooms are available only at times the library is open to the public. 
  • Cancellation of a room must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting or the group may be charged $10 for use of the room.

Preparing for your meeting:

  • Only non-profit groups may collect dues, fees, or event charges from attendees.
  • Refreshments and light meals may be served, but cooking is prohibited.  The library does not provide coffee makers, dishes, utensils, or paper products.
  • Groups or individuals using a meeting room shall not publicize their event in any way that implies that it is sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the library, unless permission to do so has been given by the library director or designee.
  • Please inform your group ahead of time that the library parking lot has a 2 hour time limit.  If you need more time than that, park in the North parking lot (not next to the building), on the street, or arrange with Citizen's Bank ahead of time to use their parking lot (one block away).

Using the meeting room:

  • On the day of your meeting, you will go to the Front Desk to have the door unlocked for your meeting.  They will arrange at that time for any equipment that you have requested.
  • The library staff will not be responsible for setting up tables and chairs.
  • Nothing may be taped, hung, tacked, etc., to any walls, windows, doors, furniture, tables, or any other library surface or object.  (Easels are available.)
  • Fire exit doors shall not be blocked in any way.
  • No furniture may be moved in or out of meeting rooms.
  • No storage space will be provided.  The library will not be responsible for items left behind.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited anywhere in the library or within 50' of the library entrance.
  • The library will not accept calls or relay messages to persons attending meetings except in emergencies.

When you are done with the room:

  • Events must end (and clean-up be completed) by the time designated  on your reservation as your ending time or by the closing time of the library.
  • Meeting rooms and the kitchen shall be left in the same condition as you found them.  If library staff must provide cleanup, a fee of up to $50 fee will be charged.  Do not leave food behind.  Return tables and chairs to the places you found them.  You are responsible for damages to library property that occurred during your use of the room.
  • You are responsible for the meeting room until library staff have checked it and locked it.  You must let library staff know when you are done with the room.
  • The library director or designee has the authority to revoke permission for use of meeting rooms if this policy or these rules are not followed.

Updated 10/13/10


Meeting rooms may be reserved by phone or in person.  See Public Use of Library Meeting Rooms Policy.

Information We’ll  Need:

  • Name of organization, group or individual
  • Name and phone # of responsible party
  • Date(s) requested
  • Hours (including set-up and clean-up times)
  • Intended use
  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Profit or non-profit status

Rooms Available:

  • Meeting Room:  Seats up to 105 - has TV, VCR/DVD player, screen,    piano, podium 
  • Classroom:  Seats up to 25 - has TV, VCR/DVD player, screen, podium, 2 round and 2 long tables & chairs
  • Kitchen: has stove, refrigerator, microwave (cooking prohibited)

Other Equipment Available (on request):

  • Slide projector & carousel
  • Easel, white board and markers   
  • Overhead projector on cart
  • Microphone              

Room Rental Charges:

  • Meeting Room - $40 for up to 4 hours, $60 for more than 4 hours
  • Classroom - $20 for up to 4 hours, $30 for more than 4 hours

Government and non-profit organizations and those determined eligible on a case by case level by the library director or designee shall be rent free.